Important Dates

* Fundraiser: Friday 14th - Saturday 15th March 2014

* Main Event: Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th October 2014
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Many of the details for our main gathering in October are still being finalised. Keep checking this page for updates or send us an email requesting to join our mailing group.
Friday 14th March 7pm 'til late

Open sessions at The Wheatsheaf and Ex-Servicemans Club. Come along and join in the sing song.
Saturday 15th March 12pm 'til 6pm

Hiring session for artists wishing to join the list of people to perform at our main event. Day session will be held at The Wheatsheaf. Includes raffles and other fundraising games.
Saturday 15th March 7pm 'til late

Much the same as the day event with more acts on at the Ex-Servicemans Club.
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Fundraiser 2014
14th - 15th March 2014
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